45th Naha Hari

03. May 2019. ~ 05May 2019.

The festival, which represents the early summer of Okinawa, 

is the main venue for the traditional boat competition,

which is held in various parts of Itoman and Naha, wishing for the safety and catching many fish. 

In addition to the boat competition with the Okinawa’s traditional smacks and 

large Paryoung boats, a variety of events will be held including experience of riding Hari, 

comedy stage, and sumo competitions. 

In addition, you can enjoy the night market and fireworks, 

which are considered as symbols of the Japanese festival.

 Hong Kong 

Cheung Chau Bun Festival 2019

09. May 2019. ~ 13May 2019.

It is a cultural festival held in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, 

which was started to comfort the ghosts sacrificed by pirates every year. 

A variety of spectacles are prepared, 

including the parade of Cheung Chan island’s children dressed 

as mythical figures or Chinese heroes,

and the highlight of the festival is a contest that people climb up the bread

tower which is piled up to 15 meters high with the bread engraved a word ‘comfort.’


Pahiyas Festival 2019

15. May 2019. | www.pahiyasfestival.com

It is a thanksgiving festival held in the city of Lucban, 

a quiet mountain village in the Philippines. 

The houses and streets are decorated with splendor like fairy tale scenes, 

using kiping which has chandelier-shaped with flat rice confection,

fresh produce and flowers. On the other hand, 

there are the food markets and street performances in the village square. 

When the grand parade led by the water buffalo is added, 

the whole village turns into a festival venue.



Canadian Tulip Festival 2019

10. May 2019. ~ 20May 2019. | www.tulipfestival.ca

The world’s largest tulip festival in Ottawa, Canada, originated from the Dutch royal family, 

who defected to Canada during World WarⅡ, giving 100,000 tulips a year in appreciation.

During the festival, the city of Ottawa turns into a huge tulip flower garden,

and a variety of spectacles are arranged, 

including Flower show by flower designers around the world and 

the beautiful flower path along the Rideau Canal.


10th Vancouver Craft Beer Week

31. May 2019. ~ 09Jun 2019. | www.vancouvercraftbeerweek.com

The festival offers 300 handmade beer and fruit wine 

made by various breweries in North America. 

You can enjoy beer and various food while listening to music performances in live, 

and it is a perfect place to blow up the heat of early summer. 

Since more than 100 breweries and more than 20 food trucks will be prepared at the festival, 

the organizers will emphasize that people should be careful not to drink and drive.


21st Taste of the Marianas Food Festival & Beer Garden

04. May 2019. ~ 25May 2019.

It is a food and culture festival that offers a variety of traditional cuisine from Mariana region. 

People can also enjoy the Saipan hotels and restaurants’ dishes at affordable prices. 

Tourists can participate in various events, 

experiencing Saipan’s culture such as eating corn dog contest, 

Mariana Top chef competition, 

and traditional music and dance performances by Chamorro, a native of Saipan.



Bath Fringe 2019

24. May 2019. ~ 09Jun 2019. | www.bathfringe.co.uk

The festival, which held in Bath, England, 

is an alternative culture festival based on free imagination and experimental spirit,

and anyone who wants to enjoy art can participate without restriction. 

As it is basically oriented toward free art, 

with creative performances by various artists such as plays, circus, 

dance, jazz performances, conte, and talk shows,

 the whole city turns into one big art stage.


Venice Biennale 2019

11. May 2019. ~ 24Nov 2019. | www.labiennale.org

It is an international art exhibition held every two years in Venice, Italy. 

Also, it is a historic exhibition that is called the Olympic Games of the art world 

and is an influential art event leading the modern art world. 

You can see many art works in variety of fields such as art, architecture, 

movies, dance, music, and plays, etc. 

Also, the main center is for an international art exhibition that displays works by 

artists from all over the world, but there are also national museums by countries.


Gelato Festival 2019

04. May 2019. ~ 05May 2019. | www.gelatofestival.com

It is a sweet Gelato festival held in Milano, Italy, the home of Gelato. 

At this festival, more than 16 gelaterias gather in one place to find the best gelateria.

Festival participants can enjoy a variety of Gelatoes as much as they want, 

and after the tasting event, they can vote to decide the winner of the festival. 

In the fall, winners of each local Gelato festival will gather to hold the All-Star game again.



Vivid Sydney 2019

24. May 2019. ~ 15Jun 2019. | www.vividsydney.com

Featuring three elements: light, music, and ideas, 

this festival colors the entire city with colorful and beautiful lights.

Using Sydney’s representative architecture such as the Sydney Opera House,

Darling Harbour and the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art as screens, 

the entire city is filled with splendid videos and beautiful lights. 

Also, performances by renowned musicians from home and abroad 

and various events make festival more exciting.


Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival 2019

16. May 2019. ~ 19May 2019. | www.bluesonbroadbeach.com

It is a Blues festival held in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Australia, 

which is globally considered as a vacation spot. 

The characteristics of blues, which are improvisational, free and constantly

implying the change, make harmony with the surging waves and make the world’s best performance. 

During the festival, you can enjoy blues music in live in clubs, 

restaurants, hotels, and cafes throughout the city.

 New Zealand 

New zealand International Comedy Festival 2019

02. May 2019. ~ 26May 2019. | www.comedyfestival.co.nz

The festival, which is held in Wellington, Capital city of New Zealand,

 and Auckland, the North Island, is an event that people who love comedy shows.

must participate. Comedians from all over the world gather to stage a variety of interesting shows, 

including stand-up comedies, sketching, improvisational comedies, comedy plays, 

clown shows, and comedy musicals, and it gains so much popularity 

that it is broadcasted in live on TV for audiences who cannot find the theater.

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