Chuncheon Mime Festival 2019


26. May 2019. 02. Jun 2019. | www.mimefestival.com

Along with the London Mime Festival and France Mimos Festival, 

Chuncheon Mime Festival is one of the three largest festivals in the world. 

It is a performance art festival that embraces various genres of works based on body, movement,

and image beyond the genre of mime, such as contemporary mime, 

physical play, dance place, clown play and street play. 

There are opening performances, ‘City of Water;Ah!surajang’ , ‘Spring City’

and ‘City of Fire;Dokkebi Nanjang’, and along with these performances, 

there are many various programs and shows.

8th Seoul Fairytale Festival


04. May 2019. ~ 06May 2019. | www.fairytale-festival.org

The Seoul Fairytale Festival, which celebrates its 8th anniversary this year,

under the theme of “Wagle Wagle Fairy tale World, Poljak-Poljak Playground,’ 

tries to give children fun and imagination, 

and give a magical time for adults to bring back their childhood memories. 

There are various events that can be enjoyed only at Seoul Fairytale Festival, 

including a fairy tale parade by participants dressed up 

like character in fairy tales as well as painting freely on the road as a drawing paper.

Ulsan Onggi Festival 2019


03. May 2019. ~ 06May 2019. | www.etc.ulju.ulsan.kr/onggi

The festival will be held at Onggi village in Ulsan, 

where more than half of the nation’s onggi(pottery) production is

made as the largest onggi trading center in Korea. 

The Festival, held to promote the excellence of Onggi which is the Ulsan’s specialty, 

offers a demonstration of Onggi master’s craftsmanship, 

designated as the Intangible Cultural asset No.4 in Ulsan Metropolitan City. 

You can make your own onggi and enjoy various food made with Onggigama(Pottery Kiln).

Sweet Korea 2019


16. May 2019. ~ 19May 2019. | www.sweetkorea.kr

It is a dessert exhibition where visitors can enjoy 

a variety of desserts such as coffee, tea, beverages and bakeries, etc. 

Various desserts can be sampled and purchased, as well as desserts representing

different countries such as Hangwa(Korean traditional sweets and cookies), macaron, 

Mooncake(Chineses traditional dessert), and tarte, etc. 

There will be also various making dessert classes, competitions, 

and events to offer many things to see, eat and enjoy.

23rd Jeonju hanji Culture Festival


04. May 2019. ~ 06May 2019. | www.jhanji.or.kr

The festival is held to promote the excellence of the Hanji (Korean paper) in Jeonju, 

where visitors can enjoy various events using hanji, 

such as an international fashion show using hanji and hanji costume play. 

In addition, there will be a demonstration of making hanji,

 and there is a chance to dye hanji on your own and make mobiles and mirrors using hanji.

21st Damyang Bamboo Festival


01. May 2019. ~ 06May 2019. | www.bamboofestival.co.kr

It is a festival featuring bamboo, endowed resources, 

to revive the meaning of the planting bamboo day. 

There will be the festival’s main programs, ‘Bamboo culture history parade,’ 

and cooking contests using bamboo sprouts, Damyang’s specialty, 

and eco-friendly well-being good material. 

Also, you can enjoy various cultural performances such as 

trot performances and band performance.

45th Boseong Dahyang Festival


02. May 2019. ~ 06May 2019.

It is the Korea’s representative tea culture festival held in Boseong, 

the nation’s largest tea producer and birthplace of the tea industry. 

Visitors can experience the culture of tea through the programs related to tea, 

for example making tea, picking tea, green tea foot bath, and making tea food contests. 

Also, visitors can enjoy eating green tea such as green tea Injeolmi(rice cake), 

green tea eggs, and green tea walnuts desserts.

Seoul Rose Festival 2019


24. May 2019. ~ 26May 2019. | www.seoulrose.jungnang.go.kr

The rose festival is held in every May around the rose tunnel in Jungnang-gu,

where thousands of roses bloom.

Starting with colorful performances that makes flower rain with flower cannons,

visitors can enjoy a variety of rosethemed events such as a rose parade, 

rose fashion show, and a rose concert.

And at the end of the festival, there will be a media firework show 

combining colorful flames, lasers, and music.

Yuseong Hot Spring Culture Festival 2019


10. May 2019. ~ 12May 2019.

It is held to inform the origin and efficacy of the Yuseong hot spring 

under the theme of the hot spring. 

Visitors can enjoy unique experience programs related to hot spring, 

such as hot spring dancing parade, DJ performances enjoying 

the hot spring which can blow off stress at once. 

In addition, a permanent experience program will be prepared such as an out door foot bath,

water park with the hot spring, and hot spring camping experience, 

which can be enjoyed under the Chionanthus retusus.

유성 온천의 유래와 효능을 알리는, 온천을 주제로 개최되는 축제. 

온천로를 화려하게 수놓는 핫 스프링 댄싱퍼레이드와 온천수로 샤워하며 즐기는 DJ 공연, 

스트레스를 한번에 날려버릴 수 있는 온천수 물총대첩 등 

온천과 관련된 이색적인 체험 프로그램을 즐길 수 있다. 

이 외에도 이팝꽃 아래에서 즐길 수 있는 노천 족욕과 온천수 워터파크, 

온천 캠핑 체험 등 상설 체험도 준비될 예정이다

18th Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival


10. May 2019. ~ 19May 2019. | www.umtf.or.kr

The Uijeongbu Music Theatre Festival, the nation’s only music theatre festival,

will celebrate its 18th anniversary this year. 

The festival will be held under the theme of “Connecting Road,” 

and visitors can see many music shows from home and 

abroad that have been proven on the world stages. 

A variety of performances, experiences and exhibitions will

also be available for both men and women of all ages.

Pohang International Fireworks Festival 2019


31. May 2019. ~ 02. Jun 2019. | www.phcf.or.kr

It is a representative summer festival held every year in Pohang, 

a city of fire and light. 

Visitors can enjoy a variety of events, including colorful fireworks

arranged by firework direction teams from around the world, 

light parades expressed by the best professional direction teams, 

and busking and magic performances at the beach. 

The grand opening and closing ceremonies also offer a spectacular view, 

In addition, experience events such as the EDM festival will be prepared.

Haeundae Sand Festival 2019


24. May 2019. ~ 27May 2019. | www.sandfestival.kr

It is the only festtime in Korea of eco-friendly materials featuring sand. 

Visitors can experience and feel sand directly through 

various events using sand and sea at the Haeundae sandy beach. 

It offers attractions such as the World Sand Sculpture Exhibition and 

the 10-minute Speed Sand Sculpture Contest, 

which will be participated by renowned artists around the world. 

Also, various fun programs will be prepared, 

including a program to carve sand by yourself and treasure hunt hidden in the sand.

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