Spring greeting in Europe

Along the Asian culture, spring coming is take pleasure

in cherry blossoms and celebrate the nature of beauty,

while in Europe there are different kinds of habits…

All over the continent masked balls, carnivals, 

masquerade parade provide good spring time.

In the middle of Europe, in a small town called Moh cs, 

hundreds of man and children dressing in a special formidable costumes,

to chase away the winter and scaring the bad spirits.

All man who dressed in the “Buso” costume are attracted to tourists and 

embrace them to bring fertility and beauty by the spring renewal. 

So pretty girls are better run away from the “Busos”, 

because if not, they have to endure hundreds of hugs, inappropriate touches.

The top of the festival is the ignition of a huge bonfire,

symbolically burning the coffin of winter and all evil spirits and bad mother-in-laws.

photo & edit Hanuta Eva

Location mohács Busojaras

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