22nd Jeju Fire Festival

07. Mar 2019. ~ 10. Mar 2019. | www.jejusi.go.kr

The Jeju Fire Festival is the representative festival of Jeju. 

This festival is a cultural and tourism festival that commercialized 

the Jeju’s old wooden culture, Bangae, which was set on fire in 

the fields of the pasture between the late winter and early spring in 

order to get rid of the old grassland for domestic animals grazing 

and extermination of vermin. 

There are programs that you can only experience at the Jeju’s Fire Festival, 

such as wildfire singing contests, making daljip contests, wildfire parades, 

fireworks, and so on.

41st Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival

21. Mar 2019. ~ 24. Mar 2019. | www.tour.jindo.go.kr

Every year around the end of February on the lunar calendar, Between Jindo and Modo, 

a vast sea route that is 2.8 kilometers long and 40 meters wide is unfolded. 

The festival that shares this mysterious view is the Jindo Mysterious Sea Road Festival. 

About 500,000 visitors visit to this festival at domestic and abroad to 

walk this mysterious sea road every year. 

The festival features a variety of food and events including a torch parade on the sea road, 

a drum play parade and a traditional folk performance.

2019 Jeju Cafesta

28. Feb 2019. ~ 03. Mar 2019. | www.jejucafeshow.com

2019 Jeju Cafesta, which will be held at the Jeju International Convention Center, 

is a café exhibition where visitors can see everything about the culture

and lifestyle of the café in one place. 

You can enjoy the latest trend of coffee, tea, bakeries, desserts, and

other equipment, including coffee machines, goods, pretty teacups and

mugs, as well as interior accessories that will satisfy a variety of lifestyle. 

anyone interested in coffee can enjoy a great time at the Cafesta.

Cheongdo Eubseong Balpgi

Mar 2019.

The Cheongdo Eubseong Balpgi is a reproduction of the costumes of 

women walking along the ridge of the castle. 

It is a traditional folk festival that is originated from men protecting the city and

women carrying stones to be used as weapons in their heads.

 After the restoration of Cheongdo Eubseong in 2009,

the Cheongdo Eubseong Balpgi will be staged with various performances and

experience programs such as a requiem performance for patriotic martyrs for the country,

 a demonstration of horseback martial arts and so on.

Cheongdo Lantern Festival

Mar 2019.

The Cheongdo Lantern Festival is a festival where you can enjoy the beauty of

Buddhist culture while enjoying the lanterns floating on Cheongdo Stream.

This festival is also established as a festival that anyone can enjoy the Buddhist

programs such as hanging wish-written papers and floating lanterns, 

and through a variety of events such as photography events, 

performances of invited singers, and fireworks. 

The waves of lanterns that have filled the sky of Cheongdo like 

a black night with stars will give the viewer a fascinating sense of night.

Bangteasan Golosoe Festival

Mar 2019. ~ | www.misan.invil.org

The Bangteasan Golosoe Fstival, which is a pristine area where Shiri and

Manchurian Trout live, and the old pine tree festival, which is based on an old

pine tree grown in Bangtae Mountain, offers a variety of performances, including

an experience of harvesting Golosoe sap, a song festival, folk play and so on.

Also, you can enjoy clean water and plenty of food produced by the soil,

including makgeolli made from the sap of Golosoe, steamed bread of Golosoe, 

and ice cream.

Treasure Island Namhae Seolcheon Pacific Oyster Festival

Mar 2019. ~ | www.tour.namhae.go.kr

The Seolcheon Oyster Festival is held at Recreational Village for Fishing Village Experience. 

The festival, which is under the theme of “The Legend of the Nine Dragons,” 

is held in Munhang Village where Moses’ miracle in the South Sea is held. 

There are many programs for the entire family to enjoy such as a parade,

Oyster cooking contest, Seolcheon Oyster singing contest, fishing with bare hands, 

peeing the Oyster and so on.

Also, foods made of Namhae’s specialty products will enrich the memory of the festival.

Hanlyeosudo Oyster Festival

Mar 2019.

The Hanlyeosudo Oyster Festival, which marks its 23rd anniversary this year, 

is an eating festival with an oyster theme called “Flower of the Sea.” 

Various oyster eating events, fishing oyster experience, singing contest, 

cooking oyster events are prepared accordingly. 

Above all, you can enjoy various oyster dishes such as oyster Kkakdugi, 

oyster salads, oyster rice cake soup, Oyster pancakes and so on.

2019 Tongyeong International Music Foundation

29. Mar 2019. ~ 07. Apr 2019. | www.timf.org

International Isang Yun Institute in honor of Isang Yun, a world-class composer born in Korea. 

The opening performance of the 2019 Tongyeong International Music Foundation, 

under the theme ‘Destiny’, will be performed by the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, 

a prestigious Swiss orchestra, and the opera “A Woman from the Sea” with Toshio Hosokawa, 

a student of Isang Yun, will be staged. 

During the festival, Yun’s last works, 

“Angels and Epilogs in the Flammen,’ and Brahms’ “Germany Requiem” will be performed.

2019 Daegu Fashion Fair

 06. Mar 2019. ~ 08. Mar 2019. | www.daegufashionfair.com

Daegu Fashion Fair, a fashion business exhibition based on the latest trends

and information, will be holding “this year’s XXL and Total Fashion Life Style Special Exhibition” 

as its concept. 

It is a business-focused exhibition that connects brands and 

designers to influential buyers at home and abroad, 

but it also offers a wide range of things to see on display in sensuously decorated 

booths as well as fashion show. 

It will also be an event where ordinary visitors can enjoy various sales spaces 

such as showrooms and pop-up markets.

20th Yangpyeong Danwol Golosoe Festival

16. Mar 2019. ~ 17. Mar 2019. | www.양평고로쇠축제.com

The Yangpyeong Danwol Golosoe Festival is a wellbeing festival where you can collect, 

share and enjoy the sap of Golosoe in Mt. Sori, Mt. Gwaeil, and

Boryong stream, which have beautiful scenery. 

You can enjoy many experiences such as making gimbap for the health of the year, 

fishing trout, as well as a variety of food made with the sap of the old pine tree, 

and street food such as sausages and hot dogs.

2019 DIY Handmade Show

14. Mar 2019. ~ 17. Mar 2019. | www.diyshowkorea.com

DIY Handmade Show is Korea’s fist DIY exhibition. 

This exhibition will invite outstanding workshops and artists to display 

various items including pottery, crafts, art, fashion accessories, woodworks,

tool, home interior and baking items. 

You can also purchase finished products and materials from the sales booth and 

learn handicrafts from the artists yourself. 

Through these experiences, the exhibition aims to provide not

only the pleasure of seeing but also the pleasure of creating.

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