Best 3 Domestic Literary Festival Meeting in Fall

 Hyoseok Culture Festival 2019

16th  Hwang Sun Won Literary Festival

Kim You Jeong Literary Festival 2019

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Literary Festival with the scent of buckwheat flowers

Hyoseok Culture Festival 2019

After the mid-summer heat wave goes, in Bongpyeong, Gangwon-do, untimely snowflakes are falling down.

They are the buckwheat flowers to come out whitely.

Every September, Hyoseok Culture Festival on the novel, 

‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’ to describe the moonlight night of Bongpyeong lyrically full of

buckwheat flowers and the author, Lee Hyoseok is held.

Pyeongchang Hyoseok Culture Festival commemorating its 21st anniversary 

is a perfect festival to tell the coming of fall.

Moon, Longing and Buckwheat Flowers

Lee Hyoseok is acclaimed as ‘the author who has a creative linguistic sense and technique

in Korea literary world’ in 1930s and his works have local lyricism and longing for the home. 

Out of the works, ‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’, the story about Heo saengwon(name of official position), 

intinerant vendor & Dongi is considered the best of Korean short stories and the mood of quiet and 

still moonlit night of the novel makes lots of people feel nostalgia to this day.

Pyeongchang Hyoseok Culutre Festival which is held with the theme, 

‘Buckwheath Flowers as beautiful as the novel’ from upcoming September 7th to 15th is preparing 

for a happy fall festival to deliver the literary impression and the fragrance of nature.

 Literary programs such as illustration exhibition and essay & drawing contest will be run off around 

Lee Hyoseok Literary House and literature sensibility events that with nature,

people can be absorbed into the book under the weeping willows by Heungjeong stream & field 

experience events to explore the birth place of Lee Hyoseok and Green House where 

he usually wrote books are also arranged.

Furthermore, enjoy the mood of fall, watching a buckwheat flower field 

on the buckwheat train conveniently

Herb Country Farm

225, Heungjeong Valley with Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun



Herbnara Farm located in Heungjeong Valley is the first herb-themed park in Korea build in 1993.

Herbnara is the perfect place for giving your body and mind relaxation because it is situated 

near by cool Heungjeong Valley.

In addition to the herb garden, there are restaurant and café to provide a healthy food made of herb 

and various facilities such as herbnara pension, herb museum, turkey gallery and cartoon gallery.

There is a wide parking lot, but inexperienced drivers should pay special attention 

to the car on the opposite side because the access way is narrow.

Also, it is not open at night, so it is good to come to visit herbnara with enough time.

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