On October, to Gangwon-do! Go! Go!

Festival along with a fall foliage trip! Killing two birds with one stone – Festival Tour!

As fall is deepening, I become falling in love with Gangwon-do.

Festival tour to enjoy both festival and trip together.

On October, meet the most representative festival and the most fall foliage spot of Gangwon-do at a time.

edit Kim Jeongwon

Hoengseong Happy Hanwoo Festival

•Date : 2019.10.02(Wed)~10.06(Sun)

•Venue : Areas around Seomgang River in Hoengseongeup

Every year, Hanwoo(Korean native cattle) Festival takes places in Hoengseong County, 

where the climate and the environment are said to be perfect for raising cattle. 

The festival attracts a large number of people, who come to try the usually expensive Hoengseong hanwoo 

beef at affordable prices, along with another specialty of Hoengseong County, deodeok (mountain bellflower). 

In addition to food sampling, the festival holds diverse agriculture experience programs, 

while offering access to nearby attractions such as Hoengseong Hot Springs and Jucheongang River Natural Forest Lodge.

Pungsuwon Church

Venue : 30, Gyeonggang-ro yuhyeon1-gil, Seowon-myeon, Hoengseong-gun, Gangwon

•Tel : +82.33.343.4597

Pungsuwon was the first catholic village in which over 40 faithful from Yongin(Gyeonggi-do), 

led by Sin Tae-bo(or St. Peter), settled to escape the wrath of Sinyubakhae (religious persecution of Catholics) of 1801.

Over a period of 80 years, 

the settlers had led their religious lives without a priest until Father Le Merre (a French priest) came to the village in 1888. 

Succeeding Le Merre in 1896, Father Jeong Gyu-ha (or Augustino), 

along with Chinese engineers, began to build Pungsuwon Cathedral. 

Completed in 1907 by the faithful, the cathedral still remains a beautiful building even after 110 years.

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