Get a Taste of the Movie Festival with Kim Dongho

 Busan International Film Festival

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) begins every year on the first Thursday of October. 

For the next 10 days, the event is held at its primary venue—the Busan Cinema Center (BCC) in Busan’s Haeundae district. 

The opening ceremony for the 24th BIFF will be held on October 3, and the festival will close on October 12.

The opening and closing ceremonies are held at the BCC in an outdoor theater that can accommodate between 4,000 and 6,000 people. 

This is also the venue for night screenings of Open Cinema films, 

which are held for eight days (excluding the days of the opening and closing ceremonies). 

The approximately 300 invited films(approximately 320 in 2018) are screened at the four major theaters inside 

the BCC (one large theater (Haneulyeo Theatre), one mediumsized theater, 

and two small theaters), the 20 screens of the nearby CGV and Lotte Cinema, and Megabox Haeundae. 

Nampo-dong Cinema Street, which served as the main venue in the festival’s early years, 

has not screened BIFF films in recent years.

Kim Dongho Head of the Advisory Committee

Currently, he is the chairman of the board at the Dongdaemun Future Foundation.

He studied law at the Seoul National University, and then began his public career in

the Culture Section of the Department of Culture and Public Information. 

Afterward, as he became more involved with films, he consecutively filled the position of the

President of the Korean Film Council, the first President of the Seoul Arts Center,

and the Korean Vice-Minister of Culture. 

Also, he made brilliant contributions to the birth and the 

development of Korea Busan International Film Festival.

He is one of the most respected figures among Korean movie people, 

and is called the father of the Busan International Film Festival.

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