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 Flowers to bloom in the night sky, Fireworks Festival

Summer and autumn are the season when festivals continue to be held.

 When the colorful fireworks light up the dark night sky, the festivals reach a peak at last. 

Loud noise of fireworks and wonderful fireworks catch people’s eyes at a breath. 

Fireworks which attract people’s mind are perfect event to go well with festivals. 

Whenever you come up with festivals, fireworks follow. 

Of course, whenever you come up with fireworks, festivals also follow. 

At this magical moment, let’s get into the attraction of fireworks soaring up to the sky.

edit Bae Sangyoon

Flowers to bloom in the night sky

Seoul International Fireworks Festival

If you like not only festivals but also fireworks, fireworks festival 

where splendid fireworks are embroidering the night sky is the icing on the cake and a perfect choice.

 Seoul International Fireworks Festival where fireworks teams from the world including 

Korea, Japan, Spain, USA, China, Australia and so on participate is the first multi-media 

fireworks show combined with laser, video and music. 

Since held first in 2000, the festival has been operated under the slogan ‘Share hope through fireworks’ 

and every time about 100,000 rounds of fireworks go off.

Seoul International Fireworks Festival, the largest-scale and the highest quality festival in Korea 

attracts a million of visitors annually so they are trying to fully prepare for safety accidents.

First, the relevant organizations like host, police officer and fire station place the top priority on safety together. 

Also, volunteers consisting of executives and staff members of the host help to 

prevent negligent accidents and guide the movements of visitors.

For the convenience of citizens who take public transportation,

public transportation operation will be increased sharply. 

Seoul International Fireworks Festival to give fancy memories as well as fancy fireworks is 

supposed to be held around Hangang River Park on the first week of October as usual.

Fireworks flowering from the gigantic vertical city

Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival

On May 4th, the colorful fireworks were shooting up from the tallest building in Korea 

and the 5th tallest building in the world, Lotte World Tower. 

Following the eve of Lotte World Tower in 2017 and New Year’s countdown in 2018, it was the 3rd fireworks festival.

This year, Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival took place with the theme, ‘Go, Together!’ 

meaning peace & accompany of Korean peninsula.

At the event, the fascinating fireworks were managed to the music such as ‘Arirang’ beloved 

by people at the last festival and OST of the musical ‘LALA Land’ for 11 minutes. 

The fireworks which spurted from about 750 launch points set up in the 555m-tall 

Lotte World Tower were enough to attract Seoulite’s eyes and steps. 

For the safety of citizens, on the day of the festival, 

the area within 80-meter radius from the Lotter World Tower was restricted completely since 5 P.M. 

and they invested 2 times more staff related to the safety than last festival.

Lotte World Tower Fireworks Festival to emerge as the most representative 

fireworks festival of Seoul just in three times was the festival which could give the romance 

like flare to Seoulite who were exhausted from daily life.

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